Saturday, 25 September 2010


Today, I shopped.

I love to shop. A lot.

Usually, shoes and clothes are my money magnet... but today it was the flower arranging section in Hobbycraft (in Eye, Peterborough).

Oh my goodness, I could have spent the entire day (and an awful lot of money) in there.

As it was, I had a budget of £50 and managed to get floristry scissors, knife, trays, tape, a vase, stones to go in the vase (I've got an idea of something to try - hopefully it will look as good as my imagination thinks it will!) and lots of oasis for just £40!

I also got a book of flower arrangement ideas for £2.99 in the shop next door - I do love a bargain!

When I got home my neighbour came out for a natter (she's lovely - gave my daughter a birthday gift even though we barely know her, aww) and we got chatting about the flower arranging - she told me that when I'm a bit more accomplished she'd like me to make her an arrangement and that she'll tell her friends about me too! How lovely and kind of her!

I'm going shopping tomorrow for flowers to take to college but might buy a few extra to practice on at home!

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