Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Second college class and I could be a pro already! Ha!

Second college class tonight and the above is the result. I am SO pleased with it! The tutor said to the lady next to me and to me "if that was made in my shop I'd let it go out the door" - I'm absolutely gobsmacked that she said that and could have cried with happiness! Maybe it was just a confidence boost from her to us, but I like to think she was telling the truth (she seems the honest sort ;-) ) and am really chuffed!!!

Inside this basket are lilies, crysanthemums, carnations, gypsophila and foliage including eucalyptus and skimmia. There's also some really lovely purple foliage I found that I don't know the name of but it's beautiful and smells divine.

I just need to gain confidence that what I am doing is right - I am still very tentative and I need to be more bold with my flower placement (or stuffing as our wonderful tutor calls it hehe) decisions.

Next week we're doing a hand tied bouquet - that's going to be very tough but I am looking forward to it a lot!

I am loving this challenge and just want more more MORE!


  1. Glad you're enjoying it, that basket looks great! Just think of the amazing wreaths and arrangements you'll be able to do for Christmas this year!