Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I need four arms to do hand tied bouquets.

After last week's lesson I was so excited, and had some flowers left, that I made some more arrangements on my own at home, and experimented a little with design on one of them.

Tonight's lesson was, yet again, excellent!

We made hand tied bouquets. I used white lilies, bright pink gerbera, light pink crysanthemums, white alstromeria, eucalyptus leaves and bear grass.

It was very difficult holding all the stems whilst adding more and more flowers, and twisting, but I'm sure as I do more and gain strength in my arms I will improve. The hardest part was tying the stems together, at the same time ensuring that none of them moved and that they were tightly enough packed together.

Then the test... I held it upside down. RESULT!!!! Test number two - does it stand up? With a bit of wiggling of the bottom, yes. The bottom of the stems of course! Haha.

I then dressed the bouquet in paper and sellophane and added water.

Results below - I am very pleased :-)

Next week we're making a vase arrangement and then a front facing arrangement (for a hallway or suchlike).

In the meantime, I have yet again got lots of flowers and foliage left over and will ensure they are put to good use :-)

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