Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Penultimate night at college

I cannot believe I've had four out of five lessons already. Time really does fly when you're having fun doesn't it!

Last night, we made a vase arrangement. I kept mine simple using a clear vase, clear water, light pink gladioli and some interesting twirly twigs which I threaded slightly between the buds of the flowers.

I love the fact that vase arrangements can be so interesting - it never crossed my mind before to do anything more than place flowers in a vase - never again will I do that! The possibilities to make it more beautiful and interesting are endless!

After this, Mandy demonstrated how to do a front facing arrangement and then we all had a go. This was, as I suspected, quite tricky. I had the general idea right of grouping types of foliage and flowers but needed some guidance on placement at times. I am SO happy with how it's turned out and this is something I will really enjoy practising. I can relate to forming a structure, which is basically what this is, and think I can put my creativity to really good use.

This week I've been asked to make various things for different people for a variety of reasons and am looking forward to rising to the challenge!

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